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Jimmy Dean

Shine On®.

Jimmy Dean, the celebrated country music star and TV host, was having breakfast one morning at a diner in Plainview, Texas, when he told his brother, “You know, there’s got to be room in this country for a good quality sausage.” That’s when Jimmy decided it was time to dust off the old family recipe to perfect the delicious taste we know and love.

Jimmy’s key to success was always simple: “Appeal to people with quality and honesty, you’ll win their confidence. Maintain quality and honesty and you’ll keep it.”

Now, over 40 years later, families continue to enjoy the great taste of Jimmy Dean® products. From breakfast sandwiches to breakfast bowls, our brand continues to help people start their day right. As Jimmy Dean said in our first company slogan, “Have a good breakfast, have a good day.”

Jimmy DeanĀ®