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Sara Lee

Sara Lee® Desserts… Always in Season.

In 1949, bakery entrepreneur Charlie Lubin decided to name his new line of cheesecakes after his eight-year-old daughter, Sara Lee. His company was purchased in 1956 by Consolidated Foods, where Mr. Lubin continued to serve as a senior executive for many years. In 1985, Consolidated Foods changed its name to Sara Lee Corporation. Over the years, Sara Lee has appeared in various television advertisements for our bakery products. In her words, her father told her the product “had to be perfect because he was naming it after me.”

Fast forward to 2009, when an innovation campus named “The Kitchens of Sara Lee” opened in honor of the original founder. Charlie’s pride in the quality and taste of his products is still very present in all of the Sara Lee® baked goods and desserts.

Sara Lee