Hot Dogs

78% of all convenience store foodservice consumers say they’re very likely to purchase a roller grill hot dog in the next month.1

Explore opportunities to add signage near the roller grill—81% of consumers who buy something from the roller grill go on to purchase other items.2

Whether served on a bun or on a stick, sausages, hot dogs and corn dogs offer up big business opportunities for Convenience Stores. 

Over 80% of your best customers have purchased a roller grill hot dog or sausage in the past month.3

1 in 5 convenience store customers are pulled into the store by the roller grill.4 Offer beverage and side pairings to boost the sale.

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2 Technomic 2016
3 Tyson Convenience Awareness, Trial & Repurchase Study, Mills Consulting
4 Future-Focused: “Next-Level Convenience Retailing” study conducted by Technomic for CSP

Hot Dogs